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[Review] Apexel 4 in 1 Lens Kit 8x Zoom Lens + Fisheye + Wide Angle +Macro [Mi5]

Apexel 4 in 1 lens kit included 8x telephoto lens, 198 degree fisheye lens, 0.63x wide angle lens,15x macro lens. Along these lenses a mini tripod is provided for stable photoshoot with 8x telephoto lens.

It is a universal phone lens kit which can be used with any smartphone, but your flash will be covered and in dual camera phones the 2nd camera may be covered partially.
Product Images:







Telephoto lens

Maganification: 8x
Minimum focus distance:9.8ft
Field view:246M
View angle:16 degrees
Features: Get a clear shot of subjects usually too far away to capture

Wide Angle Lens

Features: wide angle lens can shoot larger range of scenery.For example, long cityscapes and large group shots
Magnification: 0.63X.
Note: When shooting pictures, it is suggested that the wide angle lens should be used in a wide-open area in order to get better photos.

Fisheye Lens
Features: large scene can be captured by fisheye lens, give your images a round, fish bowl effect. which takes you into a stunning fantastic world.
Field view of angle: 198°. 
Note: Be sure that the lens is adjusted right in front of the camera lens of your smart phones, avoiding some blurring photos.

Macro Lens
Features: Macro lens can take clear photos of small objects.
Magnification: 15X
Note: In order to get a stunning effect when using this macro lens, you need to place the transparent cap on the surface of object that you want to shoot, make sure you don't block your light source and keep 3-5cm distance from the shooting object.

Box Contain:
1 x 8X ABS Telephoto Lens
1 x 198° Fisheye Lens
1 x 0.63X Wide Angle Lens&15x Macro Lens
1 x Phone Holder
1 x Mini Tripod
4 x Lens Cover
1 x Universal Clip with Metal Ring
1 x Telephoto Lens Clip
1 x Clothing Bag


Hello, before posting this review, I have played with these lenses a lot. The day I received, I have started testing it and here is the full review.

1. This lens kit has everything that a normal photographer wants. It has all types of lenses and also a tripod.
2. It fits almost all types of phone camera.
3. The quality of glass used for lenses is very high.
4. The build quality of the lens body and tripod is very good.
5. The clips used to hold the lenses are tight and have rubber to give a firm grip. You phone is saved from scratches and lenses are safe too. Also, there are 2 clips provided.
6. They provide complete lens box for future storage.
7. Lens cloth is provided for cleaning the lenses.
8. Ship too fast and give immense help after the sale too.
9. Product reached too fast to India.
10. If you are going to start your photography but you are not sure how well you can do, then go for this lens kit as it is very cheap.

Note: The samples are captured by Mi 5 and are unedited. To check the post processed images you can visit my page facebook.com/lucrativephotography

15x Macro lens










1. It can capture tiny subjects with great details.
2. There is no black border at the edge of the photos.
3. You will not find blurry edges like other low quality 3 in 1 lens.
4. Very little to no lens aberration/ distortion.

8x Telephoto/zoom lens

















1. I found this lens amazing as this is the only telephoto lens which don't have any black border at the edge of the image.
2. It contains some lens distortion/ aberration but better than other lenses out there. Also, you can remove those in post processing.
3. It works perfectly fine and does it's job.
4. It is capable of giving dslr effect i.e. subject in focus and background blurry.
5. Minimum distance of focus is about 1 meter.
6. It has a manual focus ring to focus the subject manually by rotating the focus ring.
7. Tripod with mobile holder is provided for easy capturing with this lens as low vibration in camera can produce more blurry output.
8. Without disturbing the animals you can take good photos.

Wide angle lens

No Lens


With Lens


No lens

With lens


1. Works perfectly it's job.
2. Good for taking wide angle selfie which can fit more persons in a photo.
3. Good for landscape photographers.
4. Slight distortion at the edges. 


Fisheye lens







1. The only drawback of the lens kit is the fisheye lens.
2. It produces highly blurry and distorted photos.
I have checked thoroughly if the lens glass is not clean. But everything was fine. I might have received a defective fisheye lens.
3. It has a black border on every photos. Some people might like it but i don't.
4. It can cover super Wide field of view.

More cons:
1. The screw that was used for screwing macro and wide-angle lens is not seems good.
2. The rubber on clip seems low quality. During some time of usage it will come out from the clip. But It can be fixed with glue, so no a major problem.


I can recommend this lens to all the novice photographers who are going to begin their Photography and test their skills.

You can check more samples on my profile on Instagram or also visit my fb photography page Lucrative Photography.
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