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[DSLR on Phone] Prosumer Variable Magnification Macro Lens (PVM-2) Samples

It's a very high quality prosumer macro lens with variable magnification. You can charge the magnification is the lens by rotating the ring. With increase in magnification the black border will increase as well as the background will be flat. 

Lowest magnification: 15x approximate Highest magnification: 20x approximate Background blur: low to high Focusing Distance: 7cm or more (lowest magnification) 1.5- 3cm (highest magnification) Zoom on camera to remove black border : 1.2x or no black border (lowest magnification) 1.7x (highest magnification) 

In the box: One variable magnification Macro Lens only No packaging 
Warning: very heavy lens. Use carefully.

All shots are from Realme2pro with snapseed edits. 

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Ansuman Mahapatra is a part time Mobile Lens Reviewer.

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