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Liginn 7 in 1 Phone Lens Combo Review, Unboxing, Samples, LensOn

Liginn is a brand from China which manufactures high-quality phone lenses like Apexel. They have sent me various phone lens combo (3 in 1, 4 in 1, 5 in 1, 6 in 1, 7 in 1) for review. I have reviewed only the 7 in 1 lens pack which has all the types of lenses. All other combo pack has the subset of the lenses in 7in1. So, here is the review for that. Enjoy.

Unboxing and LensOn

Package Contain:

1)0.36X Super Wide Angle Lens(30mm)
2)198 Degree Fisheye Lens(28mm)
3)0.63X Wide Angle Lens(26mm)
4)15X Macro Lens(22mm)
5.)2X Zoom Lens(26.5mm)
6)CPL Plorizer(23mm)
7)Kaleidoscope Six Prism(23mm)
8) Patented Universal Clip With Metal Patch(70×24mm)

It comes with a beautiful lens case for easy portability of all the lenses with a hook to hang.

Test shots:

0.36x Super wide angle Lens

(No Lens)
(With Lens)

Super wide angle shot can be captured by this lens. It can be used to capture sunset, landscape etc. There is a little distortion if not focused properly. But it captures good quality photo without much quality reduction.

198 degree Fisheye Lens


(With Fisheye Lens)

The fisheye lens can capture wide-angle view with fisheye effect. It has a black border in the image. Images have distortion which is normal in such lenses.

 2x Zoom Lens


(With Zoom lens)

The lens has the chromaic aberration.

 0.63x WideAngle Lens

(No Lens)

(With Lens)

It is a wide angle lens less wide than 0.36x with less distortion and more clarity.

15x Macro

Macro lens works great. it gives nice bokeh to the images without any distortion or chromatic aberration. 

Kaleidoscopic Lens

 I don't know where you can use this lens but it works like it should. It just mirrors the part of the image.

CPL Lens

No Lens (Refection of light on seat)

 With CPL Lens (Refection Removed from seat)

It works great to remove reflection and to saturate color. You can check the vehicle seat after applying the CPL filter. You can read the text clearly after the reflection is removed.

Overall a good package for beginners who wants to test their skill in various types of photography styles. I like the 15x macro lens which is really useful among all the lenses.

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