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[Chapter -1] Introduction to Macro Photography using Smartphone !!! [Quick Start Guide]

[Chapter -1] Introduction to Macro Photography using Smartphone !!! [Quick Start Guide]

This is a series of Macro Photography chapters which will include discussion related to Macro photography using a smartphone in a concise way. You don't have to waste time reading books or search anywhere else. These chapters In this chapter, we will discuss “Introduction to Macro Photography”.

What is Macro Photography?

Macro Photography or sometimes called as Microphotography is a type of photography in which photographs of very small objects are taken in a magnified way. For example, photographs of very small insects like an ant, fly, bee, grasshoppers, butterfly etc., grass flowers, dew drops, etc. In the final photograph, the captured small object is magnified to same or bigger than its real size. Below is an example of a macro photograph.

[Chapter -1] Introduction to Macro Photography using Smartphone !!! [Quick Start Guide]

Our phone cameras are not capable of capturing such high magnification images. To capture such macro images using phone camera we need to attach a macro lens to our phone camera so that we can take below-looking pictures.

[Chapter -1] Introduction to Macro Photography using Smartphone !!! [Quick Start Guide]

There are various types of macro lenses present in the market. You can have any macro lens and start shooting macro photos. However, we will discuss the macro lenses in our upcoming chapters in this series of tutorials on Macro Photography.

[Chapter -1] Introduction to Macro Photography using Smartphone !!! [Quick Start Guide]

What is Focus?
The focus is that position of the camera on which all light beam merge to create a clear and sharp photograph. In simple term, if your object is in focus then it will be clear otherwise it looks blurry like below.
[Chapter -1] Introduction to Macro Photography using Smartphone !!! [Quick Start Guide]

The normal focus distance for a phone camera is approximately 5-6 cm or more depends on the camera installed by the smartphone company. But to capture such macro photos, the camera has to be placed very close to the subject (approx. 4 cm. – 1 cm.).  But the normal phone cameras don’t have the capability to focus on the small object from a short distance and the image will look blurry due to out of focus.

Therefore to reduce the focal length or to go more close to the object we need a macro lens.


1. Can I capture photos of my friend by using a macro lens?
Ans: No. It is only for tiny objects and you have to capture the object within 2- 4 cm distance.

2. Which macro lens I will buy for macro photography?
Ans: Wait for the next chapter. We will discuss that. I will paste the link after that thread is published.

3. Any more questions please reply below this thread. I am reading each comment.

Thank you for successfully completing the first chapter. Next chapter is coming real soon. So follow me everywhere and stay tuned. :D
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