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Apexel 8x Telephoto Zoom Telescopic Universal Mobile Phone Clip On Lens Review Samples

Apexel 8x Lens Product Image:


Angle of View (degrees):7°
Objective Lens Diameter:Φ18mm
Telescope Size:30 * 63mm
Eye Relief:10mm
Exit Pupil:Φ3mm
Package included:
Lens Clip(plastic) x 1 
8X Zoom x 1 

Samples/ Review:

Note: All the images are captured by Xiaomi Mi5 and edited on Photoshop CC.

As the name suggests it is a zoom lens, so it can zoom up to 8x times the normal view. Below is a sample captured from a distance of 4 meters.

Though it can capture subjects that are far from the camera, it has many other usefulness.

This lens can be used as a portrait lens to capture portraits of a person. Below is a sample captured from 1.5 meter distance.

It can capture beautiful subjects having blown out background like DSLR effect. Check out below samples.


As the lens have manual focus control ring you can rotate the ring to focus on any subject present at variable distances. Check out the below sample and video.


Though this lens can give some great shots like DSLR, it has many disadvantages

  1. Lot's of chromatic aberration in the captured image. Though you can remove it in the post processing in photoshop or other advanced image editors, you have to master the editors first. So this lens is not for novice users who are not willing to edit their photos.
  2. You need a tripod to make the lens stable otherwise you will get blurry image due to slight shake in your hand. But shooting with a tripod is not possible always.
  3. The lens produces distorted images sometimes.
  4. The original colors are suppressed and you will get unsatuarated image or somewhat different color than the original color.
For more review about this lens and more samples visit here.

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- If you are ready to learn photoshop or any other image editor to remove the unwanted effects from this lens. 
- If you want to experience a new type of shooting.
- If you are ok with the chromatic aberrations in the image.

No, for novice users who want to directly clip on the lens and start shooting. 

However, in the market, this is the best mobile phone telephoto lens I have ever seen. 

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