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Apexel 10x Telephoto Zoom Telescopic lens [Review/ Sample]

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100% brand new and high quality
Portable and light, convenient to carry
Plug and play, easy to install
10 times zoom, which can adjust the focal length
Make your short-sighted camera/phone into a Telephoto
Can be used as a binocular separately
Suitable for most cameras and mobile phones 
Closest focusing distance: 3 M 
Magnification: 10X
Viewing angle: 16°
Size: approx. 75*30*30mm/2.95*1.18*1.18'' 
Net weight: approx. 64g 
Color: Black, Gold, Pink

Package includes:
1 x 10X Mobile Telephoto Lens
1 x tripod
1 x Universal Clip 
2 x Lens Cap
1 x Cleaning Cloth

All photos are captured handheld, without any tripod and edited with photoshop.


  1. Enhanced edition of old 8x Telephoto Lens with better quality photo output.
  2. It can focus object as close as half a meter rather than 1 meter in case of 8x zoom lens.
  3. A great shiny design of the lens body.
  4. Aluminum metal body feels strong and sturdy.
  5. Lens glass quality is better than the 8x zoom lens.
  6. Perfect portrait lens for portrait photography.
  7. DSLR effect with the blown out background.

  1. Cons are same as the 8x zoom lens. It has the same chromatic aberration. 
  2. Blurry edges but reduced.
  3. You still need photoshop knowledge to post process your photos before sharing.

  1. Rotate the ring right to reduce the magnification in contrast to the 8x lens, in which we have to rotate left for magnification reduction.
  2. Don't capture bright lights as you will get lots of chromatic aberration.

Recommended: 100%
For a new type of photographic experience through your phone.

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