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Apexel 85 mm 3X telephoto lens review with Mi5


Package Includes:
1 x 85MM 3X telephoto lens
1 x universal clip
1 x Lens cap
1 x black pouch
1 x cleaning cloth
1 x user manual

with retail box


I got this product 2days back and started clicking photos, both, portrait and normal photos. Below is my honest review.

1. The body of the lens and clip is made with a very good material.
2. You can feel the lens too hard and sturdy.
3. The lens glass quality is very good.
4. The clip clamps to the phone very hard so that it will not fall.
5. You don't have to worry about scratches as the clip head is protected with a rubberish material.
6. The quality of the pictures are sometimes great and sometimes with lots of distortion. Check samples attached.
7. The lens does its job correctly by 3x zooming into the scene.

1. Lens is bit heavy but not a problem.
2. Photo quality is not that good containing lots of distortion. Check 2nd Photo. You can see some fire flame like thingy. But I think this problem is there in almost all telephoto phone lenses.
3. My MI5 photos have a black boundary at one corner. But this is not true for many other devices. I think it is due to the Mi5 wide field-of-view.

Recommendation: 100%

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Samples: (Without any edits)

Sometimes I get lens distortion (Fire flare at the bottom middle) like the above image.

But It can capture very good photos too with blurry background like a DSLR. 

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